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Legal The European Parliament today decided by a large majority to reject the software patents directive. This rejection was the logical answer to the Commission's refusal to restart the legislative process in February and the Council's unwillingness to engage in any kind of dialogue with the Parliament. Update: Sun and Red Hat made a joint statement today.
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Good news
by DonQ on Wed 6th Jul 2005 17:22 UTC
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This is generally good news, especially for small ISVs and for OSS.

But makes me wonder, what power made this result happen? Certainly not healthy sense of politicians (such thing doesn't exist).

For example here, in Estonia, some months ago all estonian politicians, including these few, working in EU structures, looked brain-washed by Microsoft. They said "Yes" to sw patents, they talked actively with Microsoft about using MS sw (OS+office) widely in schools (at price about $4/PC per year!) and so on.

Today almost nobody's talking about MS (I mean politicians). Our representatives in EU voted AGAINST software patents. What's happening? Is this another round of economical "war" against USA domination? Maybe. Is this lobby of some anti-MS software vendors? Maybe. Well, let's see, what future brings.

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