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Opera Software Since the launch of Opera 10.5 in March 2010, I've been using it as my primary browser, whether at work or at home. Using Ubuntu at work, and a Windows netbook at home, I wanted a fast browser for my netbook and a coherent browsing experience on both operating systems. And this is where Opera 10.5 (and newer) fits perfectly.
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No such thing as universal appeal
by vodoomoth on Wed 6th Oct 2010 10:49 UTC
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Also, the inclusion of the Log In button in the toolbar by default is questionable. The toolbar should be as clean as possible and specific concern buttons (such as the Log In or even the Home button) should be removed from the default toolbar.

There's no browser where removing what bothers you is as easy: right click on the icon > Customize > Remove from toolbar. And you're done! Two clicks, that's all it takes.

Many people refer to the UI as the place where Opera sucks. I don't think any application would ever have a UI that's deemed adequate by everybody. I think Chrome's looks like a desert. The fact is that with Opera, if you don't like it, you CAN change it. Don't like the rounded tab corners? there are tons of skins, just a few clicks aways, that will provide you with squared ones, or maybe slanted ones, à la Eclipse or à la Chrome.

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