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Opera Software Since the launch of Opera 10.5 in March 2010, I've been using it as my primary browser, whether at work or at home. Using Ubuntu at work, and a Windows netbook at home, I wanted a fast browser for my netbook and a coherent browsing experience on both operating systems. And this is where Opera 10.5 (and newer) fits perfectly.
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Sticking with 10.10 until they fix the bugs
by Dave_K on Wed 6th Oct 2010 14:29 UTC
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For me 10.10 is still by far the best version of Opera, less resource hungry and more stable than 10.5+, and in my opinion 10.10's UI is far, far better than 10.5+.

Personally I value function over form. To me being able to customise and tweak is much more important than what it looks like out of the box. I'm perfectly happy with Opera's UI looking a little old fashioned, rather than being packed with gimmicks and visual effects, if it allows me to change it to meet my preferences. Some of the graphical glitz in 10.5+ actually damages usability, like making the pop-up tab switcher transparent, giving you less readable transparent text over website text.

Some of Opera's best features and customisation options, ones that made it such a flexible and powerful browser, are still broken or bug ridden in 10.6.

For example, its replacement for 10.10's MDI interface, allowing tabs to be tiled and arranged within the browser window, still feels alpha quality at best. There are graphical glitches and performance problems, and lot of things work inconsistently, including tab order when minimising tabs and opening them in the background. In my opinion this is Opera's single best feature, and its broken state makes a big difference to my browsing.

Some configuration options break things in the browser. For example, certain panel options have caused Opera to spawn empty phantom windows since the 10.5 betas, and this still isn't fixed in the latest snapshot.

Use it without tweaking and I'm sure it's quite polished, but as a long term Opera user, with specific browsing preferences built up over more than a decade of using Opera, 10.5/6 still feels half-finished.

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