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Features, Office In an e-mail to their announce mailing list, the The Document Foundation have shared details of their first week of public operation: "One full week has gone by since the announcement of The Document Foundation, and we would like to share some numbers with the people who have decided to follow us since the first day."
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RE: Decimal seperator
by AndyM103 on Wed 6th Oct 2010 16:10 UTC in reply to "Decimal seperator"
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When I did GCSE Maths (now around 5 years ago) we were told to add commas if we liked, but that it might hamper understanding. Now as an engineering student the space seems to have become the default option - but as you can't have less than a whole person I just assumed that the "decimal" point was being used to split thousands.

On average in Britain families consist of 2.3 people...

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