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Editorial In response to Jean-Louis Glassee's article "The OS Doesn't Matter..." I wrote quite simply: the future of the browser wars is he who integrates with the OS best. This phrase came from my article lambasting Microsoft's use of HTML for their IE9 jump lists, which caused quite a stir. In the wave of ever increasing web browser capability, the operating system is going to matter to web users more than it ever has before.
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IMHO the browser-only computing is a real scenario, but it is not a too good thing. In this case the Chromium will kill windows, macos, desktop linux, etc. You can buy 10$ laptop with Chomium - but you cannot use it without a google account...

The web computing make people very-very vulnerable. With a real computer with windows or linux your depenency on software vendors limited to purchase or upgrade time. You can use pirated software (not too nice, but real alternative). With web applications your dependency is continous: the vendor can kick off from the system at any time. The web based computing is the opposite of the spirit of open-source.

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