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Apple Let me tell you, when what you teach and develop every day has the title "Innovation" attached to it, you reach a point where you tire of hearing about Apple. Without question, nearly everyone believes the equation Apple = Innovation is a fundamental truth--akin to the second law of thermodynamics, Boyle's Law, or Moore's Law. But ask these same people if they understand exactly how Apple comes up with their ideas and what approach the company uses to develop blockbuster products--whether it is a fluky phenomenon or based on a repeatable set of governing principles--and you mostly get a dumbfounded stare. This response is what frustrates me most, because people worship what they don't understand.
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by tetek on Wed 6th Oct 2010 19:40 UTC
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I think it's just different kind of philosophy. I like them for that "switch on and work". My friend likes to compile and configure Gentoo from scratch. It's a matter of perspective and your needs.
In few years it won't matter anyway - everything will be in cloud (google reader, gmail, docs - I can't live without them today ;)

What you can say for sure is that they do things well. I.e. iPad. Tablets are around from 1999 - 2000. But no one used them if he doesn't had to. And now every mum can check recipe for duck in oranges @web. Just like that. Sure - it has no SD slot, no USB etc. It's different. But it works fine. And opens way for other great market and products which will come in time from other producers.
Other example is iPhone. No one before did it right (2007 - treo was the best:
They didn't invented touch phones. But they reinvented it.
My friend always jokes that when apple make a car - it will have only one pedal and it will probably be touch based. Then in a year all cars will have them and everyone will think "why no one did it before? it's so obvious".
As colleague above wrote - they care. And they have unique internal structure - like big start-up. I know how it's important because I witness how my company grow up from 8 to 30 and how it changed relations and products.
It can go one and one - they are just different and it transposes to it's products. People feel it and like their products. They spend almost no money for ads etc. But people speak about them. It's unusual - don't you think?
Their products are being used not only by lamers but by pros too. And pros are demanding and aren't blind lambs.
You have to admit - something is "in the air".

And fanboys ... well - there always be. Someone likes android (look at polish blogs - theres a lot of android fanboys there, mainly because iPhone is damn expensive in Poland and android phone is around 0.33$ with plan), someone Windows (7 is the best.... how many times you heard it?), other MacOS.

I know that this blog is "apple no no" for reasons I don't understand - but really? It's only hardware and software. Come on...

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