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Editorial In response to Jean-Louis Glassee's article "The OS Doesn't Matter..." I wrote quite simply: the future of the browser wars is he who integrates with the OS best. This phrase came from my article lambasting Microsoft's use of HTML for their IE9 jump lists, which caused quite a stir. In the wave of ever increasing web browser capability, the operating system is going to matter to web users more than it ever has before.
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All this talk about cloud computing...
by koki on Wed 6th Oct 2010 21:01 UTC
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Maybe I am just too old fashioned, but to me web-constrained (cloud) computing is a step backwards in terms of usability and user experience (perhaps several steps). Until usability in web applications improves to a level where it can at least challenge the user experience of existing OSes, I would rather do my computing on the ground than in the clouds. In all my ignorance, I have the feeling it is going to take quite a while before that happens...

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