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Multimedia, AV Logitech just presented their first GoogleTV product, the Revue. I've written many times about how the TV is the next big device to get revolutionized. Unfortunately, I personally just don't think that the Revue is "it." Warning: an impulsive, reactionary, but also honest rant is following.
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Comment by robojerk
by robojerk on Wed 6th Oct 2010 22:58 UTC
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The price bothers me. I blame Intel's involvement for being at least $100 overpriced.

I also have some questions about how it interfaces with DVR's like, do I have to use the IR Blasters?

No Hulu is bothersome, but there are other websites for the shows I watch. I think it's shame HBOgo requires a cable subscription. Short sightedness on their part. Where's Showtime?

No Market is damn near criminal if you ask me. If Logitech will allow other apps (Gtalk, Facetime, etc.) access to the webcam then I can see a lot of people putting it to good use (video porn?) to it. Still, no Market means it's not available.

I kind of like the UI. It's setup to be navigated with a remote. Both the OP and I haven't actually gotten a chance to use the UI so I'm still waiting to see before I really give it praise or ridicule it.

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