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Multimedia, AV Logitech just presented their first GoogleTV product, the Revue. I've written many times about how the TV is the next big device to get revolutionized. Unfortunately, I personally just don't think that the Revue is "it." Warning: an impulsive, reactionary, but also honest rant is following.
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RE: Your information is incorrect
by Eugenia on Thu 7th Oct 2010 00:22 UTC in reply to "Your information is incorrect"
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This is good to hear. However, this does not bail out Logitech from blame. It will be at least a full year before Skype offers a video chat ability for Google TV. They still haven't even done it for the iPhone, which is their main non-desktop market.

Logitech should have gone with the current defaults: iChat first and foremost (it has the most video chat users than any other protocol), and then they should have had a Skype deal too. These are things that had to be worked on before this presentation today, not awaiting third parties to do the job for them -- many, many months later.

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