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Multimedia, AV Logitech just presented their first GoogleTV product, the Revue. I've written many times about how the TV is the next big device to get revolutionized. Unfortunately, I personally just don't think that the Revue is "it." Warning: an impulsive, reactionary, but also honest rant is following.
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Logitech should have gone with the current defaults: iChat first and foremost (it has the most video chat users than any other protocol), and then they should have had a Skype deal too. These are things that had to be worked on before this presentation today, not awaiting third parties to do the job for them -- many, many months later.

I don't believe that for a minute. First of all, the only people that could possibly be using Facetime are iPhone 4 users, and while sales are strong, just owning an iPhone does not make you a Facetime user, just like owning a mac does not make you an iChat user even though it comes with the program. Heck I own a mac and an iphone 4 and have never used either iChat or Facetime. Logitech Vid has been out for over a year at least and comes with every Logitech webcam. Neither of them are what you might call popular, but I'd pitch them about even in unpopularity.

And iChat having more users than Skype? Ha! Where's the numbers? Skype has over 500 million accounts and over 45 million daily users.

The real WTF is that Facetime doesn't work with iChat.

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