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OSNews, Generic OSes Once upon a time, operating systems used to matter a lot; they defined what a computer could and couldn't do... Today, there's only one operating system: Unix (okay, there are two, but we'll get to that). This is why I contend that the OS doesn't matter - or that we need to take another look at the word's content, at what we mean when we say 'Operating System'.
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RE[5]: Once upon time...
by tylerdurden on Thu 7th Oct 2010 03:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Once upon time..."
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I wasn't saying anything about the internet being a platform or not at that time. Whatever "platform" means anyway.

My point is simply that Be missed the boat monumentally. They focused on a value proposition that was basically almost 10 years too late by the time it became usable, Moore's law had made most of the selling points of Be irrelevant really (small footprint, low latency, etc). While they missed things like proper networking which is where the market was going. It was in the end a solution for a problem most people had long stop caring.

I read a few articles about how JLG conducted negotiations in the days when Apple was looking for an outsourced solution for Copland, and it is clear that he is/was as daft when it comes to business decisions as he seemed to be making technical ones. He simply seems to be totally disconnected from reality.

And btw, I really liked BeOS. I still have my copies of DR8 somewhere. But in the end, it was an OS really going nowhere.

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