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Apple Let me tell you, when what you teach and develop every day has the title "Innovation" attached to it, you reach a point where you tire of hearing about Apple. Without question, nearly everyone believes the equation Apple = Innovation is a fundamental truth--akin to the second law of thermodynamics, Boyle's Law, or Moore's Law. But ask these same people if they understand exactly how Apple comes up with their ideas and what approach the company uses to develop blockbuster products--whether it is a fluky phenomenon or based on a repeatable set of governing principles--and you mostly get a dumbfounded stare. This response is what frustrates me most, because people worship what they don't understand.
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Not sure why you were voted down when many wall st analysts have expressed concern over this.

His death would certainly spook investors and the stock would dive. Even if the company remained profitable wall st would still panic.

Because stock prices are not based on current profitability... Stock prices represent investors' confidence of future gains. If SJ goes, that confidence is gone...

PS: Do you really think that Apple is actually worth more than Microsoft or IBM at this moment? Stock prices say "Yes".

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