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OSNews, Generic OSes Once upon a time, operating systems used to matter a lot; they defined what a computer could and couldn't do... Today, there's only one operating system: Unix (okay, there are two, but we'll get to that). This is why I contend that the OS doesn't matter - or that we need to take another look at the word's content, at what we mean when we say 'Operating System'.
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RE[5]: "There is only one."
by Neolander on Thu 7th Oct 2010 06:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: "There is only one.""
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Clang/LLVM is also a good compiler, if a bit young.

No doubt about that, but there's room for several compilers around, isn't it ? Especially since I'd rather not see my main compiler being owned by Apple, it seems a bit unsafe to say the least.

It is more modular than GCC. It optimizes nearly as well (with the single exception of autovectorization).

GCC is modular afaik. You can choose which parts of it you want at compile time.

It is being designed for C++0x from the ground up as well as Objective C and is used internally by Mono and several JVMs as well. (...) It is used to optimize shader programs in OpenGL drivers, and is used as a backend by several functional languages as well, namely GHC Haskell and OCaml.

Yeah, and for those who don't use draft standards it still has to provide full and stable support for C++98. As you said, it's a young project. The fact that several projects jump on alpha code like that, rather than impressing me, reminds me of PulseAudio...

It avoids RTTI in its code base by using templates internally to achieve the same results faster.

Sounds interesting indeed. But if GCC implemented this feature too, like LLVM implements many of GCC's optimization technology, what would be the problem with GCC ?

GCC is only keeping up with the modular C++ code base of LLVM by sheer brute force of the development staff devoted to it.

That doesn't sound like a sensible accusation. As I said before, GCC has some modularity too. And if their developers are many and talented, how is it a problem ? As a user, I benefit from that anyway (just like I thank LLVM for existing and making GCC become even better).

Put simply, GCC!=LLVM. A compiler is not just a compiler, if it is also a compiler framework.

Could you please go in more details about that ? I'm not sure I understand this part.

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