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Editorial In response to Jean-Louis Glassee's article "The OS Doesn't Matter..." I wrote quite simply: the future of the browser wars is he who integrates with the OS best. This phrase came from my article lambasting Microsoft's use of HTML for their IE9 jump lists, which caused quite a stir. In the wave of ever increasing web browser capability, the operating system is going to matter to web users more than it ever has before.
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I said in the article “particularly ASP” - as in, there certainly were server side systems before (I wouldn’t even begin to deny that), but that ASP changed the gears up because it lowered the level of access and was similar enough to VBScript / VBA / VB. Before ASP, server side was being done properly by proper engineers in Perl. What happened with the dot com boom is that a task force swept in of such size that there wasn’t enough IQ to go around and Perl was certainly not their language of choice.

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