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Opera Software Since the launch of Opera 10.5 in March 2010, I've been using it as my primary browser, whether at work or at home. Using Ubuntu at work, and a Windows netbook at home, I wanted a fast browser for my netbook and a coherent browsing experience on both operating systems. And this is where Opera 10.5 (and newer) fits perfectly.
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Opera 10.5 has been more stable to everyone I know than 10.10 ever was.

I get two or three crashes a year in 10.10, despite very heavy usage. It's easily the most stable browser I've ever used.

10.5 crashes on quite a few sites, and often locks up if too many tabs are opened. Quite a few people have complained about stability issues on the Opera forums, so I'm not the only one.

And as for "gimmicks and visual effects", those actually serve a real purpose. They are visual aids that make it easier to understand what's going on.

Putting transparent text over the top of webpages (which are often full of text themselves) serves no purpose whatsoever; it just makes the menu text harder to read.

A few visual effects serve a useful purpose, most are simply gimmicks that don't significantly change usability, but some are utterly stupid examples of form over function.

In fact, it sounds like your installation is broken in general, because I haven't really had any serious problems since 10.5.

Why don't you have a look for yourself at the specific problems I mentioned? You'll see that they're nothing to do with my specific installation. There are a lot of known user interface bugs in 10.6, some of which were first reported back during the 10.5 beta tests.

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