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Legal And so, the idiocy in the mobile industry continues. Motorola has just upped the ante in this already ridiculous spider web of lawsuits by suing the pants off Apple. Eighteen patents are involved, most of which seem to be actual hardware patents, but that doesn't make some of them any less obvious (apparently, you can patent the location of your antenna). Anywho, like Nokia, Motorola claims that Apple is unwilling to license Motorola's patents, and as such, suing was the only option.
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RE: Bad News, Good News
by JeffS on Thu 7th Oct 2010 17:10 UTC in reply to "Bad News, Good News"
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"The Good News:

Well, actually the good news is that patent Armageddon is actually upon us, and all the major players are losing - losing millions in litigation.

That, hopefully, signals the beginning of the end of our broken patent system, since all of this patent litigation is costing the major players too much money, and at the same time holding back their own product development. So now they have the incentive to stand back, call truce, and start collectively lobbying Congress to pass true patent reform.

Well, that's my sunshine, puppy dogs running through fields of wildflowers, hopeful, best case scenario.

The cynic in me says it's only going to get worse, because these yahoos running these companies are too blinded by their own egos and greed to see the light.


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