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Windows "A feature mimicking Apple's 'widgets' scheduled to appear in Microsoft's Windows Vista will also show in the current Windows XP operating system, a Vista product manager said. According to Sean Alexander, a group product manager with Microsoft, the so-called 'gadgets' in Vista will be produced for Windows XP as well." In related news, here are some new screenshots of the latest Office 12 build.
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by Nex6 on Thu 13th Oct 2005 14:51 UTC
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this is very cool, but: i am tired of poeple who know very little of IT/PC history getting all upset on how microsoft/apple/Linux etc are copying or not inovating

sheesh smell the coffoe, things are all getting pretty stand now, guess what folks: icons are icons windows are windows. and plugins, and plugins who cares...

the cool thing is, new stuff with better programming API's and a better security framework is comeing, that in itself is very cool.


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