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OSNews, Generic OSes This is a painful article to write. I've been a longtime fan and user of what is affectionately known as PC/GEOS over the years. However, I'm fearing we're nearing the end of GEOS.
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GeoWorks Ensemble Rocked
by johjeff on Thu 7th Oct 2010 21:58 UTC
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And I would still use it today IF it had better networking support, a decent browser, multi-im client, and decent email client. I think the idea of running it on a razor-thin linux environment would be the best idea if they were to continue with it.

I tried to use it not long ago on FreeDOS and it didn't work well. That might be another option - if it's too hard to get it to run on linux, then for Pete's sake, work with the FreeDOS community to get it working great there, and help them develop some easier to use network drivers.

If it does fall to the wayside, I will be very sad. I have very fond memories of it - from the C128 to Breadbox Ensemble 4.3(?).

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