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General Development LLVM 2.8 has been released. The release notes describe this new, ehm, release in greater detail, so head on over and give it a read.
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by lemur2 on Fri 8th Oct 2010 05:00 UTC in reply to "RE: GCC > LLVM"
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Based on what metric? I'm not saying it isn't, as GCC is a very mature and robust compiler suite, with many many years of development behind it, but I'm sure it isn't better in every metric. Unless you're trolling, in which case, MSVC is better than GCC.

Well, GCC is a compiler collection (which is what the CC stands for). GCC has a fair number of supported languages and target architectures.

In contrast, LLVM front ends actually appear to come from GCC:

... whereas I can't find any information on what machine architectures are supported, so I would presume it is only x86 and x86_64.

So in terms of at least the metric "what it supports", GCC takes quite some beating.

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