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General Development LLVM 2.8 has been released. The release notes describe this new, ehm, release in greater detail, so head on over and give it a read.
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by Valhalla on Fri 8th Oct 2010 23:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GCC > LLVM"
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Not at all. Its called doing actual real world benchmarks. Building kernel and userland and finding each release is slower.

Well, while I'm not rolling my own kernel, I do compile applications like blender and inkscape regularly (atleast on a weekly basis) and my experience is not that of yours. While I haven't noted any major improvements in compilation-speed these past releases I've certainly not noted any regressions either.

Though this could perhaps depend on which optimization flags you use, optimizations are added regularly to -O3 (which could measurably slow down compilation) I certainly haven't noticed it. Since I'm curious I'd like to do some benchmarking on my own in this area, can you offer any statistics with which to compare, and also which gcc versions you are talking about?

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