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General Development LLVM 2.8 has been released. The release notes describe this new, ehm, release in greater detail, so head on over and give it a read.
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RE[2]: Software Patents ?
by elsewhere on Sat 9th Oct 2010 18:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Software Patents ?"
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"This is very dangerous as the licence isn't GPLv3 and doesn't protect users from being sued.

Please stop this nonsense about end-users being sued. End-users can not be sued for patent infringements in products they are using, I can not be sued for patent infringements in my TV, the one who will be sued is the manufacturer of the TV.

The scope of patent law isn't restricted to manufacturers, it covers any use of the invention. So end users could very well be sued. You could very well be blocked from using a device you designed and built yourself for personal use, if it infringed an existing patent.

This is the reason the major software vendors have to include legal indemnity for IP as part of their license agreement. It would be fairly tough selling software into the fortune 500s if you didn't, as there would be too much potential liability for them otherwise.

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