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RE[3]: Software Patents ?
by Soulbender on Sun 10th Oct 2010 04:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Software Patents ?"
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Maybe you should take your own advice.

End users CAN be (and have been, many times) sued for patent infringements in products they are using.

Unless you can give an example that's bullshit.

If you buy something which does not specifically grant you indemnity by the manufacturer (which legally makes them the target in your stead), you are fair game.

Really? Why then does my mobile phone, for example, not give me any indemnification against being sued for patent infringement? When you buy a car do you get indemnification? When you buy a lighter?
These products are no different from software in terms of patent infringement.

RIAA suits are a perfect example. Its not patent law, but that isn't the point

Actually, that's exactly the point. The RIAA lawsuits are about copyright and it's an entirely different thing. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that illegally redistributing (not necessarily downloading though) movies is against copyright law. On the other hand, knowing if a certain product could possibly infringe on some of the millions of patents that exists is an impossible task for a consumer. Consumers are simply not expected to have that kind of detailed and technical knowledge of every product they purchase. I can guarantee you that if a company brought to court a case against Joe Sixpack for infringing on some patent in a product he had purchased it would be thrown out right away unless you could prove that the defendant was aware of the infringement prior to purchase. Innocent until proven guilty, isn't that what you say over there?
If consumers where responsible to research in detail every product they purchased the whole capitalist system would collapse because not a single consumer would dare purchase anything in fear of being sued.

But hey, the American legal system might just be fucked up enough so that you should worry.

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