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Windows So, today was the big day for Microsoft. It's all or nothing. Die tot oder die gladiolen (cookie if you get that one without using Google). The software giant from Redmond officially launched its Windows Phone 7 operating system, alongside about ten handsets from different OEMs. Since Windows Phone 7 has been covered quite a lot already, leaving little to the imagination, did something actually new come out of all this? Yes, it did.
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Not sure anymore
by andydread on Mon 11th Oct 2010 19:23 UTC
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We were looking forward to this release. However on the flurry of news that Microsoft is trying to manipulate the marketplace with litigation in order to remove our choice from that marketplace we have decided to take a closer look at the alternatives. When Microsoft decides to make a compelling product without using underhanded tactics in the marketplace, we will consider recommending their mobile product to our customers.

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