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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Yes, yes, it's that time of the year again - a new Fiona Apple album confirmed (which makes anything that happens between now and spring 2011 irrelevant and annoying), MorphOS 2.6 released (will be the next news item), and, of course, a new Ubuntu release showcasing the best of the best that the Free software world has to offer in the desktop world.
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Comment by werterr
by werterr on Wed 13th Oct 2010 01:06 UTC
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I also have had problems like Thom described... Sorry guys... I really wanted to like KDE4 (any version) but it never worked for me...

It looks pretty decent but in many ways it just doesn't work for me. Applications that crash (due to the desktop environments, things that run perfectly fine in any other WM), bad behavior of windows like tearing, misplacement of new windows, terrible interaction with java apps etc.

It's kind of the reverse of 4DWM of Sgi Irix (or CDE in lesser form) to me ;) an interface which was not necessarily pretty or optimal. But made me get things done incredibly well..

On other Ubuntu topic, 10.10 has many nice improvements specially when installing.

Though I still do not (and probably never will) get used to the look and feel of Ubuntu.

I really do find the Ubuntu theme the most ugly piece of graphics I've ever seen.

Since Windows-7 microsoft finally has an OS (the first of MS in my opinion) that looks really really good out of the box. OS-X however gray apples interface is looks really really good out of the box.

Ubuntu? for me.... not so much... dare I say it's plain ugly.

I know taste differs and I do not want to bash people but I am baffled why apparently many people think it looks fine.

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