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Windows So, today was the big day for Microsoft. It's all or nothing. Die tot oder die gladiolen (cookie if you get that one without using Google). The software giant from Redmond officially launched its Windows Phone 7 operating system, alongside about ten handsets from different OEMs. Since Windows Phone 7 has been covered quite a lot already, leaving little to the imagination, did something actually new come out of all this? Yes, it did.
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RE: different stack
by rhavenn on Wed 13th Oct 2010 04:24 UTC in reply to "different stack"
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WP7 won't know what to do with Windows malware anymore than Linux or the Xbox.

WP7 is all ARM, I don't think they even plan on having it ported for Atoms.

No, that's incorrect. Sure, your "average" assembly code won't run on the platform directly, but assembly is anything but average and my opinion would be that less then %5, maybe even %1, of malware would have any assembly code in it.

However, MS did port the .NET stack and hence pretty much anything written in VS will run just fine. Sure, I'm guessing some file locations have moved, etc..., but the code itself will run just fine.

In short, Win7 mobile probably has plenty of the same holes as regular Win7, especially the .NET related ones.

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