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Java "Oracle and IBM today announced that the companies will collaborate to allow developers and customers to build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. Specifically, the companies will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the leading open source Java environment."
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Why all the fuss about Java?
by rom508 on Wed 13th Oct 2010 09:17 UTC
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I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Why is everyone so hung up on Java? It's as if Java is the only savior of the world wide web and nothing else could ever replace it.

Some of the reasons for avoiding Java:

1. It's owned by a large corporation, who are more than happy to sue you over patents, etc. when they don't like the competition.

2. The motto of Java - "Write once, run everywhere". Well that's just marketing nonsense, how many times have you seen problems with different JVMs or JDKs?

3. Java is bloated and a memory hog. Well there is no secret about that, if your aim is to develop fast, responsive software, then do not use Java.

These days Java is mainly used for web applications. How many C libraries are out there for developing web applications? Well, hardly any, is that because C is so much inferior to Java? Nonsense, that's because there are too many inferior programmers who think that way. Given the right set of libraries, you could develop a web applications in C in the same time as it would take you with Java.

In case some of you were asleep during your CS lectures, you can develop reusable software in plain C, using object oriented paradigm, just take a look at Solaris or Linux kernels.

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