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Apple In this day and age of iOS this and iPad that you'd nearly forget it, but the gadget maker from Cupertino actually makes personal computers and an accompanying operating system as well. It's been nearly three years since the last substantial release, so it's about time: Apple has just announced a press event titled 'Back to Mac', with a lion on the invite.
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RE[3]: Erm.....
by Morgan on Wed 13th Oct 2010 22:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Erm....."
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n.l.o said:

Which according to the rules of English grammar can (and to me does) imply that Finder is not Cocoa-based.

I thought so too at first; I read that blurb and thought to myself "but isn't Finder finally Cocoa now?" Then I read it again, a bit slower:

I would also die for a decent file manager, as the Finder is still incredibly cumbersome, even after all these years, even after all these complaints from all over the web.

That's one sentence, which completes a thought, namely that Finder still sucks. No mention of Cocoa.

It'd be nice for Apple to also take this opportunity to cease being a hypocrite by finally moving everything over to Cocoa - including iTunes.

Emphasis is added by me to show that this thought is exclusive from the previous sentence.

Conclusion: Read slowly and it makes proper sense. I direct that towards myself too, of course.


(Edited to add quote from parent so this all makes some kind of sense.)

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