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Java "Oracle and IBM today announced that the companies will collaborate to allow developers and customers to build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. Specifically, the companies will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the leading open source Java environment."
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Ever heard of memory debugging tools like Valgrind ? Using them in testing is just as safe as using an interpreted language, but you don't need to perform slow checks *every time* a program is run.

Valgrind is cool, even VERY cool but unfortunately it is not a solution to every memory problem. The reason for that is that valgrind works only for heap allocated memory and everything on stack or any static memory accesses won't be checked. Usually when I have very weird undebuggable memory problems I have to change my stack data to be dynamically allocated .. sometimes it reveals stuff .. but still it is a great inconvenience. Managed languages may have an advantage in this but still C/C++ rock. ;)

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