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Java "Oracle and IBM today announced that the companies will collaborate to allow developers and customers to build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. Specifically, the companies will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the leading open source Java environment."
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Money can be made from open source, Red Hat is the obvious example.

However Red Hat has a clear and working business model which is sell corporate support.

Schwartz didn't know how they would make money by open sourcing OpenOffice or how the company would recoup the 1 billion dollar purchase of MySql. Most software cannot be sold using the support model and Schwartz admitted that he didn't have a business model that supported his actions.

The guy was a douchebag that walked away with millions while a lot of people lost their jobs. Don't defend his incompetence just because he open sourced a lot of software.

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