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Apple In this day and age of iOS this and iPad that you'd nearly forget it, but the gadget maker from Cupertino actually makes personal computers and an accompanying operating system as well. It's been nearly three years since the last substantial release, so it's about time: Apple has just announced a press event titled 'Back to Mac', with a lion on the invite.
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by Morgan on Thu 14th Oct 2010 02:23 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by drcouzelis"
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Well I was speaking mainly of the speed gains an SSD can give over a traditional drive; there are very few laptops on the market that support any kind of data redundancy internally, and those few behemoths hardly qualify for the "laptop" moniker. I agree with you though; no matter what type of storage you have in your portable, you should have a reliable backup, multiple if possible.

My only laptop is a netbook, and the few important files I work with on it stay in my Dropbox account and are also copied to an external USB drive daily. My world wouldn't end if I lost any computer files; I'm old school and still have paper records of things like invoices for contract work, taxes and vital records. I also have DVD archives of digital photos going back to 1999.

That said, losing current data such as music projects and recent digital photos would be a headache I'd rather not suffer, hence the multiple backups, online and offline.

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