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Java "Oracle and IBM today announced that the companies will collaborate to allow developers and customers to build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. Specifically, the companies will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the leading open source Java environment."
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RE: Why all the fuss about Java?
by nt_jerkface on Thu 14th Oct 2010 02:38 UTC in reply to "Why all the fuss about Java?"
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Some of the reasons for avoiding Java:

4. Native integration

This is really why so many Windows developers switched to .net. By refusing to use native controls and fonts Java resigned itself to a second class citizen. It took them forever to get Swing looking OK in XP but now with Vista and 7 they are back to the same problem.

5. JRE distribution

They finally cut the JRE down to size but it is too late. Now they have a new problem which is that people do not want to install the JRE unless they have to. Those Java updates are freaking annoying.

Fuck Java, it's a waste of time.

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