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KDE In his lengthy and interesting blog post covering the future of Plasma, KDE's Aaron Seigo proposes Qt Quick and QML (a declarative language that embeds JavaScript) as replacement of the Graphics View architecture currently used by Plasma. This holds a promise of massive speedups and cheap effects as all paint operations become candidates for OpenGL acceleration, contrary to the aging Graphics View architecture that is still stuck with various inefficiencies caused by the underlying QPainter approach. Expressiveness and easy programmability of QML is a nice bonus, of course.
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RE: Just admit it...
by emilsedgh on Thu 14th Oct 2010 15:17 UTC in reply to "Just admit it..."
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Despite the fact that you are a huge troll and i dont like feeding trolls, i have to answer.

KDE is among biggest FOSS projects and is seriously used worldwide. However, its one of the few projects which are brave enough to be early adopters of new technologies. And also take part in developing them.

Since the beginning everyone complained why FOSS always 'follows' and never takes the lead.
Well, guess what, it takes some courage to develop new technologies and use them, before anyone else does.

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