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KDE In his lengthy and interesting blog post covering the future of Plasma, KDE's Aaron Seigo proposes Qt Quick and QML (a declarative language that embeds JavaScript) as replacement of the Graphics View architecture currently used by Plasma. This holds a promise of massive speedups and cheap effects as all paint operations become candidates for OpenGL acceleration, contrary to the aging Graphics View architecture that is still stuck with various inefficiencies caused by the underlying QPainter approach. Expressiveness and easy programmability of QML is a nice bonus, of course.
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RE[3]: Curious view
by TheGZeus on Thu 14th Oct 2010 19:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Curious view"
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Intel and ATI aren't really a problem, there.
Just don't buy NVidia.

VESA is pretty much an Intel thing, too.
The less we think of ourselves as tied to x86(-64) the better off we will be.

Even if one must make some thermal/energy compromises, you can get more total power and RAM for less money elsewhere.
*glances at 700usd loaded V880 in living room*

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