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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia. The smartphone business is booming, and yet, the Finnish company - the quintessential phone maker - is getting pretty much none of the glitz and glamour. Their latest the device, the Nokia N8, is supposed to turn the tide, and Engadget has a thorough review of the device. Conclusion? It's getting repetitive, but hardware - awesome, software - not so much.
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nokias problem
by viator on Fri 15th Oct 2010 09:52 UTC
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They had/have the lead so they were like Microsoft figured they didnt have to do much to keep their marketshare. They were WRONG! I like nokia i like their hardware but i dont like how they half heartedly support meego. If they were serious they would have dropped symbian 2 years ago. But they didnt and imho still dont push meego and they wonder why everyone wants Android and IOS powered devices over thier stuff. How can people have confidence in meego when nokia seems not to?

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