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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia. The smartphone business is booming, and yet, the Finnish company - the quintessential phone maker - is getting pretty much none of the glitz and glamour. Their latest the device, the Nokia N8, is supposed to turn the tide, and Engadget has a thorough review of the device. Conclusion? It's getting repetitive, but hardware - awesome, software - not so much.
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Nicholas Blachford
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The N97 came with the more oldschool "Symbian^2" but it was an incredibly botched implementation, buggy as hell. I got mine 10 months ago, it only reached nearly what it should have been in the first place after 9 of them.

The fact the N8's software isn't utter crap should be considered a very good sign.

I don't know why everyone complains about Symbian though. The OS is fine, it's the old UI that can't compete. That's been changing but it's clearly taking time. It looks like Symbian^4 will make it competitive. Put that on newer hardware and it could make a very nice device.

Nokia can deliver when they want to, the N95 8GB was a wonderful phone, if they can do something as good as that in the future in a N97 style form factor and I'll certainly look at getting one.

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