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Apple Is it an indication of Steve Jobs' (in)famous strive for perfection, or just stupid bone-headedness? The white variant of the iPhone 4 was first delayed for a few weeks, but those few weeks became 'end of the year'. Now we know why: the manufacturers Apple employs are apparently having issues matching the shades of white of the various components. This anecdote ties in nicely with a very interesting interview with John Sculley about Steve Jobs' ways of doing business.
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by thavith_osn on Fri 15th Oct 2010 23:23 UTC in reply to "Akio Morita"
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I am a software engineer, and there have been many times we say we can only do something a certain way, but many times that is due to not wanting to redesign something in a different or better way, if it works, why change it. Being lazy is a big decision maker in our industry, just look at all the horrible software out there.

I am sure hardware is similar (though I have no experience in that area). If something is made a certain way and has always been made a certain way, then why redesign?

If you haven't done so yet, check out the book iWoz, Woz explains how he would look at computer designs back in his youth and redesign them using way fewer parts. His design of the 5.25" floppy drive is a brilliant example of that. I guess the time the two Steves spent together rubbed off on Jobs.

I think Jobs pushes his staff because more times than not because the people who say it can't be done just don't know that it actually can.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Jobs, but I wouldn't want to personally spend too much time with the guy, I think Woz would be way more interesting to hang out with.

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