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Apple Is it an indication of Steve Jobs' (in)famous strive for perfection, or just stupid bone-headedness? The white variant of the iPhone 4 was first delayed for a few weeks, but those few weeks became 'end of the year'. Now we know why: the manufacturers Apple employs are apparently having issues matching the shades of white of the various components. This anecdote ties in nicely with a very interesting interview with John Sculley about Steve Jobs' ways of doing business.
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RE[2]: Akio Morita
by Radio on Fri 15th Oct 2010 23:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Akio Morita"
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I am a software engineer, and there have been many times we say we can only do something a certain way, but many times that is due to not wanting to redesign something in a different or better way, if it works, why change it. Being lazy is a big decision maker in our industry, just look at all the horrible software out there.

I am sure hardware is similar (though I have no experience in that area). If something is made a certain way and has always been made a certain way, then why redesign?

I don't know if I can speak for all engineers out there, but we love doing new, cutting-edge stuff. From my point of view, coding is boring and difficult (debugging takes a while, improving often leads to complete rewrites, golden ideas turn impredictably to mud when actually implemented) so I understand the "lazyness"; but for hardware... Which sane engineer would have resisted the idea of making a multi-touch gizmo like the iPhone? For all the engineers I know, the only thing restraining their creativity is financial means, not lazyness (or more accurately, the idea that "this is good enough, let'sz leave it like that").

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