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Mozilla & Gecko clones For its upcoming Firefox 4.0 release, Mozilla has been concentrating a great deal on what is often cited as the main shortcoming of Firefox ... its speed. For example, Firefox 4.0 will include GPU acceleration for both rendering and compositing on Windows 7/Vista, OSX and Linux, and it will have GPU acceleration for compositing only for Windows XP.
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Speed is not the only benchmark
by edvim on Sat 16th Oct 2010 01:21 UTC
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The IT media seems to put a big focus solely on speed but I think safety and security issues for all users and access to tweaking for more advanced users is something that should not be ignored. While Chrome has so much momentum I'm still very content with Firefox. My work involves bouncing around between Windows, Linux, and OS X systems and to me the add-on environment for all three platforms is still much more expansive with Firefox. A lot of my preferred add-ons, or their equivalents, are Windows-only in Chrome. Plus I rely on about:config quite often on any new FF install, Chrome doesn't have that kind of user accessibility (and yes, I'm aware of the handful of about:xxxxxx in Chrome but those are mostly informational and not changeable). I'm not dissing Chrome, it's just for my situation there's just not enough incentive to move from Firefox. Speed is just one aspect I take into consideration.

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