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Mozilla & Gecko clones For its upcoming Firefox 4.0 release, Mozilla has been concentrating a great deal on what is often cited as the main shortcoming of Firefox ... its speed. For example, Firefox 4.0 will include GPU acceleration for both rendering and compositing on Windows 7/Vista, OSX and Linux, and it will have GPU acceleration for compositing only for Windows XP.
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RE[2]: Talking about performance?
by chandler on Sat 16th Oct 2010 16:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Talking about performance?"
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It's an article about Firefox. Is it OK to write an article about Firefox? The Firefox authors have been using an automated test suite to measure their JavaScript performance and that test suite only compares to WebKit and V8. Is it OK to mention that?

Does every article here need to have some kind of a fairness doctrine? Would it be OK to write an article about an improvement in Haiku that compares performance to, say, Linux without mentioning FreeBSD? Inquiring minds want to know!

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