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Legal And we have another interesting development in the ongoing and ever-expanding idiocy that is the War of the High-Fiving Lawyers Mobile Patent World War. Motorola, now a central player in this worldwide conflict that is hurting consumers' wallets and clogging legal systems all over the world, has come to HTC's rescue by seeking to invalidate the patents Apple sued HTC with earlier this year.
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by mrhasbean on Sun 17th Oct 2010 22:49 UTC
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2006-04-03 a central player in this worldwide conflict

...and not much else, which is why they're doing it. Watch now for a rash of similar suits against all of the players, including Motorola, seeking to invalidate patents on similar grounds. This could backfire on Motorola quite badly.

Getting rid of patents isn't the answer though - companies aren't going to spend millions on R&D unless they have some sort of protection. Give them a much smaller timeframe of exclusivity / licensing rights - five or ten years - after which it reverts to some form of open license where the originator has to be credited. If they can't or haven't done anything with the technology in that time bad luck. If it's a milestone development they'd have more than ample opportunity to achieve a return on their investment. It would also mean the death of the patent trolls and those companies who continue to exist purely on their inventory of patents.

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