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Apple Is it an indication of Steve Jobs' (in)famous strive for perfection, or just stupid bone-headedness? The white variant of the iPhone 4 was first delayed for a few weeks, but those few weeks became 'end of the year'. Now we know why: the manufacturers Apple employs are apparently having issues matching the shades of white of the various components. This anecdote ties in nicely with a very interesting interview with John Sculley about Steve Jobs' ways of doing business.
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If Apple = Sony...
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 18th Oct 2010 17:08 UTC
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...then I really don't want any of Apple's shit.

I despise Sony with a passion since they overthrew Nintendo with the sssss*lll*ooooooo*wwww*llll*oooo*aaaa*dddd*iiii*nnnn*ggg PSX and turned gaming to mainstream shit in general (all of a sudden, it turned to mindlessly blowing shit up and the fun suddenly disappeared). Thankfully Microsoft came to the rescue to f*** it up even more by making dull and boring two-weapons-at-a-time first-person shooters the norm, which ended up influencing Duke Nukem Forever (which I've been anticipating since Duke Nukem 3D) in a bad way (yeah... nice... they took out the ability for Duke to haul around a complete arsenal of weapons. Nice way to turn a former badass into a pussy). And I'm not too crazy about Apple as a company either.

If Apple is striving to be like Sony, then I guess they've succeeded all these years... in keeping me away from their products. I have yet to buy an Apple product, despite how much OS X has tempted me. Primarily because of all of their restrictions on how you can use their software/hardware, and how just about every god damn program will need to be updated upon the release of a new OS version--or vice versa. And way back in the Mac OS 9/Win9x days, Windows blew Mac to hell and back.

Unfortunately I can't say the same about Sony though, since I bought a PS2 for a select few games (especially the Silent Hill series and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). I have basically promised myself, though, that I *will not*, ever, buy a PS3. And I'm sticking to it.

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