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In the News An interesting discussion is currently raging through the world of computing, or more accurately, through the world of bloggers and analysts. It basically comes down to this: should the iPad be included in laptop and desktop sales figures? If it is included - Apple becomes the largest PC manufacturer in the United States. But, if the iPad should be included - why not the modern smartphone?
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RE[5]: Special vs General
by WereCatf on Mon 18th Oct 2010 19:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Special vs General"
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Let's compare the Pre to my PC. Hmm, word processing... no, desktop publishing... no, spreadsheets... no, programming... no, database... no, programming... no, photo editing... no, video editing... no, printing... no, games... sort of

Let's compare Maemo to your PC. Hmm, word processing... yes, desktop publishing... yes, spreadsheets... yes, programming... yes, database... yes, programming... yes, photo editing... yes, video editing... yes, printing... yes, games... yes

To be a PC that would have to be "acceptably well" versus other PCs. Are you really saying your N900 does all of that as well as a PC?

I indeed do. It's about as powerful as any regular low-end laptop except for graphics hardware. It can be plugged into external display and input devices, too, so even that isn't a limiting factor.

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