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Linux Well, it's been a while since we've opened this particular jar (box is not historically accurate) owned by Pandora. Desktop Linux... Yes, that ever elusive readiness of the desktop that is Linux-powered. Some story on ComputerWorld argues that the desktop Linux dream is dead, and apparently, the story is causing some stir on the web. Well, paint me pink and call me a lightbulb, but of course desktop Linux is dead. However - who gives a flying monkey? Linux is being used by more people than ever!
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a) a departure from the cryptic UNIX FHS

Like end-user cares. Nobody sees it, and
"C:\Windows\System32" does no make much sense either.

b) a useful, user-configurable linux->linux network filesystem that isn't NFS3 and probably isn't NFS4.

Samba is available

c) filesystem ACLs by default.

I've managed systems with ACL since 1989
(remember Apollo/Domain ?).
No real big advantages.

d) one GUI, with one widget API, and one system services (installed components, configuration settings, device discovery) backend. Doesn't mean people can't offer different stuff on top of that, but its pointless for things to be split into such tiny bits for the desktop user.

Can you say MFC and .NET ?
Can you say XP an Win7 ?
Can you say Cocoa and Carbon ?

e) a driver API which supports backwards compatibility even while new features are added

Go read
Linux driver model is superior, period.
Company just have to realize that there is no
advantages in closed-source drivers.

I am sure that you won't get it,
and call me an old farth, since I remember the
day that when you bought a printer, it came with
a programming manual.

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