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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Catfight! Get out your mobile phones and start filming, because two important personalities in the mobile world just got into a catfight. After the presentation of Apple's (once again) stellar quarterly results (what's with the low iPad sales, though?), Apple's CEO Steve Jobs went on a bit of a tangent regarding Android (among other things). Google's Andy Rubin, the father of Android, responded in a pretty fun way via Twitter.
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RE: Jobs' attitude reaks of fear
by mrhasbean on Tue 19th Oct 2010 13:46 UTC in reply to "Jobs' attitude reaks of fear"
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You are kidding right? The iPad's sales are stunted purely because of supply - this is the only thing Apple need to be concerned about. They are already a massive success in many vertical markets as well as education and common "Mum & Dad" users. Why? Because they are EXACTLY the same to use as an iPhone / iTouch. Not similar. Not "well it's the same underneath it just has a different UI on it". Exactly the same. And sales of one will generate sales of the other.

Apple's marketshare may very well only ever reach 20%, but when you're making the whole device why would you want any more? Even 5% of the global market of the iOS type of device would see them sitting very pretty for many years to come.

Again, people missing the point...

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