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Linux Well, it's been a while since we've opened this particular jar (box is not historically accurate) owned by Pandora. Desktop Linux... Yes, that ever elusive readiness of the desktop that is Linux-powered. Some story on ComputerWorld argues that the desktop Linux dream is dead, and apparently, the story is causing some stir on the web. Well, paint me pink and call me a lightbulb, but of course desktop Linux is dead. However - who gives a flying monkey? Linux is being used by more people than ever!
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by BlueofRainbow on Tue 19th Oct 2010 22:13 UTC in reply to "Comment by Darkmage"
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This summarizes pretty much what have been my thoughts about the Linux-OS X-Windows distinction (minus the use of pirated applications for more than an exploration beyond what a legitimate demo/limited trial version could provide).

OS X tends to do its thing to support the applications, in appearance as a simple matter of fact. The developers most likely have to deal with the complexity to make it so simple for the users.

Linux have plenty of powerful command line tools to do things the graphical applications can't. However, these commands, and their multitude of option switches, seem more cryptic to a casual user as the old DOS commands.....which are still underlying many aspects of Windows. By the way, I still use the "Command-Prompt" in Windows for certain tasks which I can do easier/faster and with greater control on the outcome than through the graphical interface.

Interestingly, all three have an UNIX (or UNIX-Like) under-pinning. Quite dramatic differences in how they present themselves to their users.

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