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Linux Well, it's been a while since we've opened this particular jar (box is not historically accurate) owned by Pandora. Desktop Linux... Yes, that ever elusive readiness of the desktop that is Linux-powered. Some story on ComputerWorld argues that the desktop Linux dream is dead, and apparently, the story is causing some stir on the web. Well, paint me pink and call me a lightbulb, but of course desktop Linux is dead. However - who gives a flying monkey? Linux is being used by more people than ever!
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RE: As already told in OSnews
by gtada on Wed 20th Oct 2010 00:03 UTC in reply to "As already told in OSnews"
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In fact, Linux is almost everywhere. You just simply don't see it.

I completely agree with that statement. The problem I see is that Linux has a branding issue. The typical Android users don't know or care that it runs Linux; they care more than it's an "Android". Google's brand has trumped Linux.

You can bet that every Mac user is proud to have a Mac, and that most PC users know he/she is running some version of Windows. Not many Android users know it's running Linux. When I tell them that they can run the same OS on their desktop as they have on their phone, they inevitably ask a variation of this question: "why would I want to have that phone OS on my computer?"

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