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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Steve Jobs' rant against Android, RIM, and 7" tablets couldn't go by unnoticed, of course. We already had the rather dry response from Google's Andy Rubin, but Mountain View isn't the only one who responded. TweetDeck's CEO wasn't particularly pleased by Jobs distorting TweetDeck's story on developing for Android, and now we have RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie who slammed Cupertino pretty hard.
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Yes, and I am no mobile developer, but how hard can it be for a twitter client to adapt.....not very I'd imagine. The more intensely an app pushes the boundary of what any hardware is capable of, the more 100 variations (or whatever) becomes a problem.

In my recent buying decision, Apple was the devil I know, and not just because I owed a 1st gen itouch. I simply could not be sure if a) whatever brand of android handset would be upgradable to newer OS's (due to hardware maker or network's resistance) and b) if all apps I might be interested would work without hassle on whatever particular handset I bought.

Since all the handsets are subsidized (Canada), I choose the Iphone. However, time will tell regarding both points. Certain handset makers will have a better or worse reputation for upgrades and people will complain more or less about fragmentation / compatibility. If my fears were unfounded, my next phone might very well be android.

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