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Microsoft "Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today announced that Ray Ozzie, Bill Gates' replacement as the company's chief software architect, will be stepping down from his post."
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Makes Sense to Me
by mjhi11 on Wed 20th Oct 2010 02:07 UTC
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Ray Ozzie is clearly more brilliant than I'll ever be, but brilliance doesn't translate into business success. Lotus Notes, years ahead of its time granted, but in use, clunky, unintuitive, slow, convoluted. I remember having to setup the Lotus Notes client for my father, a pretty technically savvy businessman in the day and it took every ounce of smarts (or dumb luck more likely) to get him connected to the company's servers.

I was there for Groove too...much the same, unintuitive, convoluted. And Microsoft's Mesh offering...unintuitive and convoluted!

His offerings were what I've railed against for years, difficult to use, too technical solutions that require too much effort to learn and deploy to be worth the effort.

To Microsoft's credit, way to go recognizing that it isn't a fit. Windows 7 is impressive technology and they deserve props for it. But their web strategy a complete and total mess. And for those here who think I'm just an Apple fanboy, Apple doesn't seem to have figured it out either as I try Mobile Me every year or so and am underwhelmed by Apple's attempts to merge desktop and web too.

Maybe I'm just too old fashioned and desktop operating systems are just too ingrained in my way of thinking this 43 year old, but I just struggle to understand the web based apps, office suites, etc.

The best, sorry, here comes the Apple praise, iTunes...a desktop app that taps into the internet transparently to deliver content. Seems to me that's the best example yet of the benefits of desktop app merged with the internet. The worst, the web based CRM system our company uses. Just don't get it at all. I want ALL my data, ALL the time, local and if I need to sync that's fine but I want local apps and local data.


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