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Windows In previous OS News articles, I described how mature computers up to ten years oldĀ can be refurbished and made useful. One article identified and evaluated different approaches to refurbishing. This article tells how to performance tune a mature Windows computer to make it serviceable again. I hope it will interest anyone who wants to tune Windows.
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I have had the same experience with 7, as well as Vista.

Even XP stays fast with just a little upfront maintenance required, as so much Windows software misbehaves.

With Windows, installing software is more than just running the associated exe/msi file. One is also required to disable all the bullshit that launches at startup after the install, as well as uncheck those damn yahoo toolbars that so much stuff wants to install along with their software.

Do these things, your computer will always be fast, that is, unless you install anything labeled "Apple"

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