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Windows In previous OS News articles, I described how mature computers up to ten years oldĀ can be refurbished and made useful. One article identified and evaluated different approaches to refurbishing. This article tells how to performance tune a mature Windows computer to make it serviceable again. I hope it will interest anyone who wants to tune Windows.
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How so? I gain no profit whatsoever from any of my words here.

How exactly does it hurt anyone if someone who happens to own an older Windows machine, and has only the uses as I described for it, decides to save themselves a pile of ongoing maintenance work by wiping Windows and putting Linux on their machine? They can still do all of the tasks as described perfectly well, they re-gain the original speed that the machine used to have, they re-gain useable memory and save heaps of download bandwidth because they have no need for virus definitions any longer (or WGA updates), and they no longer have any worries about malware getting on their machine as they use the Internet.

They win, nobody loses, surely everyone is happy?

What exactly is wrong with you Windows zealots anyway? Grouches.

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